Hello, stranger! Welcome to my site!

My name is Teodor.
I am a passionate full-stack web developer with deep knowledge in PHP. I have recently started developing my skills in C++ as well.

This website is a mostly 'off-CSS' presentation. It contains only my contact information and projects I am currently or have been recently working on. Don't be scared about the interface! I can do a lot more than this, be sure of that. Check out my list of projects below and see it for yourself. 😎

My projects

Name State GitHub Website Starting date Finish date
Brainhp Finished: 1/2 features tii-public-repos/tree/master/Brainhp # 31/10/2018 N/A
mau5-geogra Finished: 3/3 features mau5-geogra geogra.mau5.ml 04/10/2018 07/10/2018
m5route Finished: 5/6 features m5route N/A 02/09/2018 [DISCONTINUED]
mau5ite Finished: 3/4 features mau5 mau5.ml 28/08/2018 02/09/2018
This website (terioo.ml) Finished: 6/6 features mau5/tree/master/official public.mau5.ml 10/08/2018 12/08/2018

Contact information

If you need any sort of IT job at low price (or even free of charge), don't be shy and send me a message. I'd be happy to assist you.

E-mail:  [email protected]
Phone:  +40731704463
GitHub:  teodor-ionesco
Facebook:  teodor.ionesco